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Creating a Minecraft Server can be complicated and intimidating. Home servers are laggy and friends can never connect. You deserve better.

We've helped thousands of people create their own private Minecraft server. Create your own instantly today!

How It Works


Choose a Server

Select a server based on the number of players and RAM you need to run any mods. You can always upgrade later if needed.


Place Your Order

Enter your server options and addons. You can cancel any time. We'll instantly send you the details for your server.


Join Your Server

Just put the server info into your Minecraft game and hit connect. It's that easy! Your server is setup on our blazing fast servers and is online 24x7.

View All Plans

Choose Your Plan

Are you ready to have loads of fun customizing your own world, playing with mods, and creating a world with friends? We offer a 7 day refund guarantee on all new orders. Try us risk free today.

Coal Tier

USD $3.99 /month

Unlimited Players
2GB of Server RAM

Iron Tier

USD $7.99 /month

Unlimited Players
3GB of Server RAM

Gold Tier

USD $9.99 /month

Unlimited Players
4GB of Server RAM

Diamond Tier

USD $14.99 /month

Unlimited Players
5GB of Server RAM
Free Daily Backups

Redstone Tier

USD $19.99 /month

Unlimited Players
6GB of Server RAM
Free Daily Backups

Emerald Tier

USD $24.99 /month

Unlimited Players
8GB of Server RAM
Free Daily Backups

Obsidian Tier

USD $29.99 /month

Unlimited Players
12GB of Server RAM
Free Daily Backups

Quartz Tier

USD $39.99 /month

Unlimited Players
16GB of Server RAM
Free Daily Backups

Ultimate Tier

USD $44.99 /month

Unlimited Players
32GB of Server RAM
Free Daily Backups

Frequently Asked Questions

We have designed our game server hosting experience from the ground up to deliver high performance, maximum reliability, and an affordable price tag. Every server uses the latest Ryzen processors, NVMe SSD disks, and top-tier network providers to deliver the ultimate lag-free experience.

Our servers start at $3.99 USD per month. Check with us to see if there are any promotions you can take advantage of!

Every server plan supports plugins using Spigot, Bukkit, or Paper as well as Forge mods. Using our control panel, you can manually install your own mods or isntantly install an entire mod pack from Curseforge.

All of our plans feature unlimited player slots. The only limit on the number of players that can connect is the amount of server memory (RAM) on the plan you select. The more RAM your plan has, the more players that will be able to connect. RAM usage is also based on any plugins, mods, or modpack you have installed. So if you have a large modpack installed, you will want to choose a larger plan.

You should choose a plan based on the amount of memory your server will need. This depends on any mods, plugins, or modpack you want to use. Most modpacks will give you a recommendation for server RAM by searching Google. You can always upgrade your plan at any time without losing your world.

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