How do I connect to my Minecraft server?

Once your server has been activated, you will receive an email with the subject Minecraft Server Information. This email contains the control panel URL, username, and password to our Minecraft Server Control Panel as well as the connection information for the server.

Connecting to Your Minecraft Server

Copy the IP address and port that you received in your welcome email. It will look like this with the IP listed first and the port listed after a colon:

Step 1: Open Minecraft and click on Multiplayer


Step 2:  Click Add Servers


Step 3: Enter Server Information


Enter a friendly name for your Minecraft server in the Server Name box.

In the Server Address box, enter the IP address and port in this format, replacing the information with the IP and port you received in the welcome email.:

Click Done.


Step 4: Connect to the Server


Click on the server in the list and select Join Server to connect!

Managing Your Minecraft Server

Simply login to the control panel and click on Servers in order to manage your server.

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