How do I upload my own world to the server?

Follow these steps in order to upload your own world to your Minecraft server:

  1. Login to the Multicraft Control Panel
  2. Click on Files
  3. Click on FTP Access
  4. Create the FTP Account. Copy down the connection IP, username, and password. 
  5. Download and install Filezilla Client on your computer. This program will be used to upload the files. 
  6. Enter the server IP in the Host field (don't add the server port to the end), along with the username and the password of the FTP account you just created in Multicraft. Please use Port 21 to connect. 
  7. Drag the world folder from your computer on the left side of the screen to the server (shown on the right)
  8. Go back to Multicraft and next to World enter the world name of the folder you uploaded and click Save.
  9. Restart the server.


Your new world is now loaded on your server!

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